ANIAR Ecology has been successful in managing all aspects of several research projects. We have experience in the delivering the follow services to the research sector:

  • Project management – ANIAR Ecology is successful in establishing and managing projects,carrying out administrative duties conscious of timelines and budgets and articulating coherent interim and final reports
  • Experimental design – Our team is experienced in designing experiments within a problem solving framework to elucidate determining factors and investigate underpinning interactions
  • Surveys – We are qualified and experienced to undertake terrestrial and freshwater baseline,impact and pollution assessments
  • GIS and Database management – Accuracy and attention to detail are essential in maintaining integrity of data sets and producing precise maps. ANIAR Ecology is committed to high standards in data entry, analysis and interpretation and map production.
  • Monitoring – We are experienced in the long-term ecological monitoring of terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems


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