Project Management & Supervision

ANIAR Ecology has considerable experience in the management of numerous projects, both large and small and covering a variety of developments. We have also been involved in the provision of on-site ecological supervision during project construction

Most projects, large and small rely on the efficient coordination of numerous elements within a stated time frame. This can involve coordination of fieldworkers, access to equipment, consultation with relevant parties, access to information and so on. Project elements must be organised and implemented to ensure all the required information is in place for its completion. The following stages are considered fundamental to the successful completion of most ecological projects.

  • Following good practice in terms of survey and assessment.
  • Up to data knowledge of relevant legislation and case law at national and EU level
  • Access to scientific literature and reports
  • Access to key consultees
  • Good logistical and temporal organisation
  • Regular communication between ecological project management and other elements of a
  • project team
  • Regular communication with the client
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