Ecological surveys

ANIAR Ecology uses the best available survey guidance from Ireland and the UK to ensure best-practice methods are followed for all fieldwork. We are all experienced field ecologists and can undertake field surveys covering the following:


  • General land and sea based bird surveys (wetland birds, breeding birds, vantage point, ESAS, nesting seabirds)
  • Species specific bird surveys (e.g. hen harrier, red grouse, Kingfisher, pre-breeding common scoter).
  • Targeted bird studies including use of radio and GPS tagging, ringing and monitoring plots.
  • Mammal surveys (otter, badger)

Terrestrial habitats

  • Habitat classification
  • General botanical surveys
  • Upland vegetation & condition surveys
  • Soil sampling

 Aquatic habitats

Freshwater surveys:

  • invertebrate sampling
  • electro-fishing
  • diatom sampling
  • macroalgae sampling
  • sediment sampling

Water quality monitoring


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