Environmental education


Encouraging children to interact with, enjoy and learn from the natural world is of fundamental importance. A relationship with nature is both of benefit to children and essential to the success of future measures to manage and protect the environment.

Jackie Hunt is listed as one of 165 Heritage Experts, under the Heritage in schools scheme, who visit primary schools and work directly with the pupils. Under the scheme Jackie runs sessions for all national school age groups, which focus on habitats, plants, invertebrates and animals and their importance in the natural world. Sessions are largely based outside the classroom and aim to develop skills in finding things (survey) and looking at things (observation). The interaction between organisms and their habitats is explored.

Derek McLoughlin has previously worked with the former environmental education organisation ‘ENFO’ in a nationwide out-reach project throughout Ireland.

Derek is currently trialling a novel way of delivering conservation objectives through Primary schools in the west of Ireland.


Poster on Schools Twite Project


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